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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Something about Mekong Delta

At the end of the map of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is known for the most canals in this country. the Northern is famous with “áo tứ thân”, while “áo bà ba” is the feature of the Southwestern. Coming to the Southwestern, you've come to the rustic, honest, and peaceful.

Mekong Delta's map

When you come here, you will enjoy all special foods and gifts from nature. With rustic specialties, and many people did not want to leave when coming to this land. You've been here once before? If not, let choose a certain occasion to Mekong Delta - Southwest of Vietnam, you will find out all the enthusiasm, friendliness, and especially, where the traditional culture will hold you want to stay here forever.

milky crab roated with salt for lunch


steamed snails 

White rice and fresh water, rivers with a lot of silt, gentle canals is bending in the laden garden, this lyrical scenes will make you feel peaceful, breathing fresh air, seeing golden paddy fields, looming far away is the hardworking farmers, scraped harvest season, ...

All such a alive color picture, only in Southwestern. Come once, to be sitting on a flimsy skiff, but filled with feelings of hospitality people here.

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